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David Covington, Co-lead of the Zero Suicide Advisory Group, asserts that all staff need skills to interact with people in care at risk of suicide.

Implementation Tools

This letter can be used and adapted to request that staff complete the Zero Suicide Workforce Survey. It...

Articles and Readings

Oordt, M. S., Jobes, D. A., Fonseca, V. P., & Schmidt, S. M. (2009). Training mental health professionals to assess and manage suicidal behavior: Can provider confidence and...

Articles and Readings

Schmitz, W. M., Jr, Allen, M. H., Feldman, B. N., Gutin, N. J., Jahn, D. R., Kleespies, P. M., . . . Simpson, S. (2012). Preventing suicide through improved training in suicide...

Articles and Readings

Rudd , M., Cukrowicz, K. C., & Bryan, C. J. (2008). Core competencies in suicide risk assessment and management: Implications for supervision. Training and Education in...

Articles and Readings

Cramer , R. J., Johnson, S. M., & McLaughlin, J. (2013). Suicide risk assessment training for psychology doctoral programs: Core competencies and a framework for training....


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